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My Strory

My social anxiety began in about 9th grade, and now i am currently in 12th grade. This year the anxiety and depression really hit me to the point that i was barely going to school. I started going to therapy and then was recommend to go to AIOP (adolescent intensive outpatient). I stated taking medication and attending therapy and it was still not completely working. Then i was told that I was not going to graduate high school. This made me feel even worse, but i decided to start going everyday and see what i could do about it. Recently I requested for an appeal for my attendance. The decision was made that I will be able to graduate. This was the best news i could even receive. I want to continue going to school and attend a community college next year, in a nursing program. My story shows that even though you may have put yourself to a point were you believe cannot come back, you can.
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