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Relief from Generalized Anxiety

After living with social and general anxiety all of my life I decided to seek prescription treatment as talk therapy never helped.
The Doctor prescribed Gabapentin, starting with 100 mg at night and after
4 months I am now on a maintenence dose of 300-400 mg per night.

My diagnosis is Generalized anxiety disorder on the bipolar spectrum not considered to be a high level. I do not suffer with major depression, had previous to this medication a relentless and constant low level of anxiety, social anxiety in particular with obsessive thinking and worrying. My external appearance always presents calmness so most people have no idea of the storm that raged inside. In addition I am a strong introvert and sensitive to constant noise, crowds, pollution, and certain energies.

At first I felt tired during the day, but slept better. The vivid and sometimes disturbing dreams have resolved and now I sleep well and have very well managed symptoms. It's not perfect, but I am able to do many things now I just could not bring myself to do before out of fear and am able to think properly without the clutter and noise in the brain.
If I forget a dose, I do have some trouble sleeping but don't feel as though my symptoms are "coming on". I don't know if I will be on this medication for long term, however at this point in my life it has helped me so much that I can't imagine going back.

In my short experience and in the research I have done on this drug, it does not seem to have any long term side effects. Time may reveal a different story, however this drug has been in use for other medical reasons since 1994.
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