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I've had social anxiety since I can remember, I'm almost 23 now. I took Klonapin, every supplement out there, and anti-depressants on and off for years-which helped a little bit when I was in high school, but the Klonapin started making me more anxious for some reason the past few months (my body was probably getting a tolerance to that horrible drug). I decided to stop taking it about a month ago and have been getting panic attacks and embarrassing blushing episodes multiple times a day, pretty much any time someone would talk to me. I finally found something that works right sounds crazy but what do you guys have to lose, it's free! For me it worked 100 times better than any medication or therapy session, or supplement, mainly because it totally stopped my panic attacks in their tracks. I actually cried the next night after my panic-free day at work, how could something so easy and free cure panic disorder and NO stupid doctors tell us about this!? For the past week I've been doing it pretty much everyday, now when I would normally get a panic attack I still feel the anticipatory anxiety but then NOTHING. It's called EFT, I heard about it years ago but figured it was a bunch of crap since no one really acknowledged it. I hope this helps someone, here is the link for the free manual (I didn't buy any of the DVDs just used the free manual and it worked). It's 100 times better than any medication or therapy session I hope you all try it out, good luck!!
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