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Originally Posted by joinmartin View Post
Socially you've "done OK"? By whose standards? There's no "ideal" way to be socially. Are you saying you want to experience more social opportunities? And again with the "should have dated more girls and should have had more friends" stuff. Should have? Who says? What criteria are you judging yourself against here?

Now, if you've wanted to meet new people and have new relationships but you think SA has held you back, that's natural. But there's not really a "should of done this or that..." thing. You lived your life so far. But the story isn't finished and we don't know the whole story yet. Oh, you're going to have so much finding out and shaping that story.
Yea, this is against my own standards. I feel like it's held me back when I actually wanted to do things because I was too scared or anxious.

Originally Posted by joinmartin View Post
SA can never hold anyone back. It's a disorder. An invasion of the thoughts. It can make you think it can hold you back but it can't hold you back.
I see your point but even though its not physically holding you back it just as real as anything in the world when you're in the middle of it.

Originally Posted by joinmartin View Post
Being "released" or "releasing yourself" from something like SA can make you feel like you want to "make up for lost time". And that's fine. All good. But you're not being judged that you should have done this or that. It's time to build your life around your wants and your desires and not around the disorder. You might get anxious again in the future. But, from what you say, anxiety is unlikely to get you.
Again, these are all things that IVE wanted to do. Im not sitting here thinking about things that other people think I should've accomplished.
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