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Re: Alexander Ovechkin, the best player in the world.

Originally Posted by Alexanderovechkin
ive seen Gretzky, Lemieux, Howe, Maurice Richard play, Pavel Bure play, and ill tell you right now....Alexander Ovechkin is the best player to ever play in the nhl period.
you have to be kidding me! what a blasphemous statement to make. i have seen gretzky, lemieux...and can say that nobody touches them....i am too young to have seen bobby orr, but from the highlights i have ever seen-he is in the same class with them. don't get me wrong....ovechkin is fantastic, but c'mon, lets see if he can continue to be as dominating as he was this year. look at how quickly iginla has become slightly above average. i agree with the person who said he was not even the best player this year...i would say joe thornton.

the greatest ever? wayne gretzky! people can argue about certain eras, what position he played(orr was a on defence), the guys he played with, etc. the facts are the facts, and numbers don't lie(most goals/most assists/most points the list goes on and on). of course you can say....well if (chose your player here) played in(pick an era), with(pick a team) ......but gretzky did everything that these other guys could only do when you place them in these hypothetical situations. he holds so many records because HE accomplished the things that the rest have not. i know being an oilers fan since the WHA days can make me a bit biased, but i am speaking about the numbers and the numbers alone.

now, if i was in the NHL, seventh game of the stanley cup final, was down a goal, in the second intermission....i would look to a guy like mark messier to wake the team up and scare them into the period of their lives.....that guy is motivationally scary!
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