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The only med I've tried

(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by dontcare
Social Anxiety Background
Severe social anxiety.

Other Treatments
Cognitive behavioral therapy.

Treatment Experience
As Zoloft is the only medication I've ever taken, I cannot compare its effectiveness with other drugs. However, taking this medication is what turned my life around. Just a few weeks after moving up to the standard dose, 100 mg, I found myself able to think rationally when around other people and to open my mouth. I also felt much better about myself in general. Not content with that, I went on to halve my dose--and 6 months later I am regretting that.

Zoloft may not work for everyone. But I experienced few side effects while taking the drug--just some headaches and insomnia for the first week or so--and it gave me the strength to make a life for myself.
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