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Lexapro experience

(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by jim_morrison
Social Anxiety Background
Social phobia/GAD/Depression

Treatment Experience
I was on 10 mgs for about 3 months,

- It had a fairly low side effect profile, with the exception of the usual sexual dysfunction.
- It seemed to help with my agoraphobia, so whilst I wasn't directly more social on it, I did find myself able to go into more social situations slightly easier.
- It's withdrawal was fairly mild, I did notice some insomnia, flu like symtoms and the 'brain shivers' for about a week, but it was fairly mild and tolerable.

- I didn't notice much of an improvement in my depression or situational SA whilst taking it.

Overall for someone contemplating taking it, I'd say give it a shot, it didn't do me any harm, and seems to have a good efficacy/tolerability profile in general.
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