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Lexapro works!

(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by Everlong 91
Social Anxiety Background
ive had major depression and high anxiety for like 2 years without knowing cause i wasnt aware of mental disorders.. then i wen to the doc and he gave me this med and it started reminding me how it feels to feel normal again after feeling negative emotions for 2 years... so it basically saved my life...

Treatment Experience
Ive been on lexapro 10mg for like 12 weeks and since ive started on this drug its been working and working since day one.. it made my anxiety less intense and it raped my depression.. its history... and i ahd zero sideffects.. i dnt know why people complain so much about meds they are meant to help not make you feel worse the sideffects are weak and if you do get em they go away after awhilse get over it its hleping you out... like i said it made my physical symptoms less intense and when i do feel them they are weak and im learning how to control em with a technique ive learned... so take meds and combine them with therapy and techniques to destroy SA... I WILL BEAT SA!!!!!!!!! RAWWRR!!
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