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Works Great

(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by ecotec83
Social Anxiety Background
SAD, Major depression, mild ocd and general anxiety disorder

Other Treatments

Treatment Experience
Felt a difference in my mood within the first 2 days of taking 1/4 of a pill. Now up to a full 10mg pill and my depression is gone except for the odd episode that lasts only a few minutes. Anxiety wise it works well but i have found at times my anxiety is still present to some extent but it's not crippling anymore. For the first time in years i have self-esteem and confidence, i don't walk slouched any more. The side effects were fairly mild, strange dreams, a bit of nausea and loss of appetite for a few days as well as some bowel problems and a lot of gas. For a few days i also had very low energy but that seems to have resolved itself. It does cause a mild muting or orgasms but not the complete inability some other drugs have caused. I'm also taking a 150mg wellbutrin sr in the morning and it seems to augment it's effectiveness a bit. It would seem that 150mg 2x a day was to much for me, hence the awful review i gave wellbutrin a few weeks ago. All in all i'd recommend this drug to anyone as it has been one of the most effective i have tried to date. Hopefully it keeps working.
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