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(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by Dreamer'sHideaway
Social Anxiety Background
I have suffered from social anxiety (likely for all my life) mainly since I was 16. I have had a few therapists over the years for cognitive behavioural therapy and have worked on changing my thoughts. I still have a lot of physical 'fear response' symptoms that make socializing very difficult. I do hope D-Cycloserine proves effective for positive treatment of "unlearning" fears - especially in social situations.

Other Treatments
(Years ago I tried Effexor, Paxil and Wellbutrin all at different times. None worked for me, though I may have been too young at that time- my brain was still developing into its adult stage).

Treatment Experience
My mother and I have done a lot of reading on websites about D-Cycloserine. We heard through Boston University that there are trials going on there, and that D-Cycloserine is still in the testing stage. We've heard only good things so far, and since its been around for a long time already for its original purpose... the side effects aren't an issue because its already been used safely on many.

I live in Canada and can't make the travel arrangements for the trial in Boston but I hope D-Cycloserine is successful and available within the next couple of years.
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