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Great intro to cbt

(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by dontcare
Social Anxiety Background
Severe social anxiety.

Other Treatments

Zoloft, Celexa, various therapists, Dr. Richards CDs

Treatment Experience

I found this book to be a great introduction to cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. Burns does a great job explaining what CBT is, the premise behind CBT, and the most common thought distortions. He provides several good techniques for overcoming these thoughts, and proceeds to explain how the techniques are used for a variety of emotional disorders. This makes the book repetitive, and so you may not want to read the whole thing through, but it also makes the book useful for a wider range of readers.

Dr. Burns includes the Daily Mood Log in this book; I have not yet tried it, but the premise makes a lot of sense.

A large part of this book is devoted toward psychiatric medications. I personally found the section a total waste of time; that information can be found online, in a more readable form. Still, this is a worthwhile read, even if you only concentrate on the first few chapters.
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