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(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by Black_Widow
Social Anxiety Background
I've suffered social anxiety from around the age of 11, as a result of going through a number of difficult bullying experiences at high school and also some bad family times previously which had a negative impact on my self esteem.

I first decided to seek out help for this condition last year, because of the way that it's seriously impacting upon my ability to work and support myself, sustain personal and working relationships with others, and upon my ability to live an independent adult life because of these things.

Other Treatments
Before starting CBT treatment tried general counselling. But found that it didn't help.

Have also tried medication before. Helps, but only minimally.

Treatment Experience
As a starting point I've found this type of therapy very useful. But unfortunately, since finishing therapy sessions at the start of this year, haven't yet made the progress with it that I initially hoped to. I expected much faster results but have since come to realise that I've yet a long way to go before I can realistically expect to master the techniques involved - as have found this is something which is taking me both time and practice.

I would still highly recommend this type of therapy to anybody suffering with SA, as even though my experience has been somewhat disappointing still feel that the ideas involved are very good and useful one's. But would also advise anybody out there, who is hoping to achieve fast results from this type of therapy, to re-think their expectations. CBT is a type of therapy that requires both determination and persistence in order for the full benefits to be gained.
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