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Doesn't seem worth it. I have fairly severe SA, not as severe as Zendog, but nevertheless.

Many psychiatric conditions are based on control, OCD etc. I have a fear of any drug permanently controlling how I think..which is in part why I have never tried, nor will try, an MAOI. Perhaps ironically, I take xanax. But I know when xanax is done and out of my system - not affecting me. And I don't take it every day.

I suppose if ones SA is really bad enough, nardil would be a godsend. I have SA pretty bad, but not that bad.

As to whoever said clonazepam is neurotoxic, I would like evidence.

Alcohol doesn't come close to the relief xanax gives me, SA wise. With alcohol, at the first feeling of not being in control, I have to stop drinking, as it causes panic.
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