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well, it's true that nardil doesn't work for quite a few people who give it a reasonable trial (i.e., as part of an illicit-drug-free and moderately sober lifestyle).. but certainly if one tries to combine it with everything under the sun (especially given it's propensity for so many med interactions), and then reports it doesn't work and that the combination of two controlled substances works better for him, i think that might say more about the subject reporting the data but hardly anything about the possible effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the medication

Originally Posted by rocknroll714 View Post
Speaking from experience Adderall/Dexedrine + Klonopin/Xanax kicks Nardil's ***.

Nardil has horrific side effects. While I was on it, my sleep became extremely fragmented (I'd sleep 4-5 hours, wake up and stay up for a few more, then do the same thing all over again, 24/7), I completely lost my appetite and at one point went almost three days without eating anything and literally had to force myself to do so (I lost 11 lbs after being on Nardil for only 5 weeks), and I constantly felt spaced out and generally screwy, among other nasty adverse effects.

All of these were in my eyes tolerable for the benefits, except for one that is.. I had severe orthostatic hypotension which rendered me extremely fatigued and barely able to walk or even stand up without nearly blacking out (my BP dropped to something like 60-70 and my HR was up to 130 or so attempting to compensate -- my doc freaked out a little, said I could potentially go into circulatory shock and die, and forced me to reduce my dose to 2/3rds). This side effect made my life -- and Nardil -- completely impractical.

On top of all that, mood-wise I wasn't really improved all that much. My negative affect (anxiety, insecurity, etc) was destroyed, but in terms of positive affect, my pleasure and drive were actually lower than usual. I felt very apathetic and anhedonic, even less 'happy' (this being defined as good emotion in my book, not an absence of bad emotion..) than sober. Then again I don't really have depression in the first place.

The SA relief was great though and socializing was much easier and far more rewarding. Superior to benzodiazepines and opiates but inferior to alcohol and amphetamines, and far, far inferior to the combination of a psychostimulant and a tranquilizer (e.g., benzos or booze), as I referenced with my opening sentence. Reinforcing the stim/tranq cocktail, for me, the side effects of this combination are quite tolerable, with almost all of the actually significant/bothersome but still relatively mild ones coming from the tranq and not the stim. In contrast, Nardil is a ****ing nightmare.

So for me the 'lengendary' Nardil basically sucked (overall) and I lost all confidence in prescription antidepressants/anxiolytics after trying and essentially failing it. Personally, I think the psychostimulant/tranquilizer combination is the true 'gold standard' for treating SA.
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