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I was on Dexamphetamine for about 2 years. They took over my life, made me paranoid, addicted, absolutly crazy in fact. I had a hell of a time coming off them. And dont kid yourself, there is really no doubt anymore that they are nerotoxic, even at theraputic levels.
I love and hate the things, I know that if I came accross a bottle and had one I would be straight back to being dysfuntional and dependent on them, even taking a low dose of 3 or 4 tablets a day. Which is all I really ever took.
They are bad ****ing news.
And if you talk about offsetting them with something like clonazepam, you should realize that there is now plenty of evidence that they are neurotoxic as well.
Amphetamines feel great....for a while..but they screw your body up. You can feel that there is something toxic going on. Bad bad news.
If the side effects of Nardil ever became too much I may consider getting maybe 2.5mg of dexamphetamine compounded with each 15mg nardil tablet to boost it up and let me get by on a lower dose (with medical supervison of course)
Dexies do make you feel fantastic...for a while. But every time I go back to them, the time period it takes for me to go from coping to a total **** up gets shorter
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