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I was on Nardil for a time. It was very effective with Xanax, but I was so apathetic, tired, and sexually dysfunctional that it kind of wasn't worth it. Plus it's a bit ridiculous when the wrong food can kill you. I heard our Prime Minister is on an irreversible MAOI.

And the drug interactions... Wow. Don't take ANYTHING (pharmaceuticals, supplements, herbs, recreationals, etc.; legal or otherwise) unless you know for sure how it interacts. Be vigilant at all times -- even for stuff like energy drinks (some have ingredients such as supplements/herbs). Street drugs in particular should be avoided altogether as you don't know what exact chemicals you are ingesting. Cannabis should be fine, though it may further reduce blood pressure (I've smoked plenty of weed on Nardil). Some types of alcoholic beverages can interact very badly with Nardil, and in all cases there'd probably be a boost in respiratory / circulatory / nervous system depression. Benzos or opioids with Nardil would probably carry the same risk to an even greater extent, so dose would have to be chosen very carefully if at all. Some opioids (such as pethidine) could cause a very bad interaction with Nardil. Dextromethorphan (DXM) also interacts badly (in some cough syrup). Some decongestants contain stimulants that interact badly. Ketamine and nitrous MAY be okay but there may be potential for bad respiratory / circulatory / nervous system depression or other interactions: caution is advised. Some tryptamine-related psychedelics (LSD, mushrooms, DMT, etc.) should PROBABLY be fine with Nardil but they may receive a VERY BIG boost in effects, or they may not work at all. Some tryptamines would interact very badly (e.g. AMT). Phenylethylamine-related psychedelics/stimulants (mescaline (and associated cacti), 2C-*, amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDMA ("ecstasy") etc.) have potential for very bad interactions. Cocaine also interacts badly. L-tryptophan, 5-HTP, L-tyrosine, [D]L-phenylalanine, phenibut and picamilon may interact badly.

That's by no means an exhaustive list. If you haven't tried a drug with Nardil before, my advice is to "test the water" with a very low dose, then work your way up. Then if there is an interaction, it will be of minimal magnitude. Obviously this step can be bypassed if a doctor is instructing you. Always get drugs from a source of certified purity, composition, dose, etc.. Some supplement companies I know of are independently analysed for purity. Pharmacy-obtained drugs obviously are ideal. Street drugs are a huge risk.

If you are not careful and meticulous with what you put in your body on Nardil, you will eventually come to regret it. The same applies to quite a few meds. A good approach is to take as few drugs/supplements/herbs/etc. as possible, get those you do take from legit sources (if not, then test every new "batch" carefully), and if you're taking anything with potential for bad interactions, use the low dose testing procedure for any new drugs / combinations. Remember also that metabolic interactions alter the levels and rate of clearance of anything you take, so monitor the effects closely.

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