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Nardil The Gold Standard for treatment of Social Anxiety

Nardil – The Gold Standard for treatment of Social Anxiety

I have been getting many question's about Nardil so I thought I would write a guide to getting and using this wonder drug

Is Nardil for me?
If you have have trialed various other treatments such as SSRI's, SNRI's TCA, etc. And you have tried CBT with no or minimal result.
If your Social anxiety is long standing and causing you significant distress
If your mature, responsible and prepared to make lifestyle changes such as limiting or ceasing alcohol and recreational drug use.
Then Nardil could well be the drug of choice for you

How do I get Nardil?
Doctors these days are very litigation conscious and risk adverse. Nardil is a medication with the potential for serious and deadly reactions and as such doctors are inclined to trial you on every drug under the sun before even considering a irreversible MAOI such as Nardil if at all. Many people have had great difficulty convincing their Doctor to give them Nardil for exactly these reasons so I will give you an outline of how to obtain a prescription


Approach your Doctor and lay it all on the table.

Tell them of all the treatments that you have tried and have failed. Do your research and speak about Nardil with authority, speak about your knowledge of medication and food interactions and give them some examples. Stay calm, If your acting highly distressed they are unlikely to prescribe it. What is likely will happen is that your doctor will want to trial you on yet another SSRI. You need to be prepared to compromise and negotiate. Ask your doctor if you trial it and it fails again would they be prepared to prescribe it. They are likely to give you a “we'll see” response. This is not good enough, Doctors will keep you going round and round for years if you will let them. Below I have listed the various things you need to discuss with your doctor. Such as:

How your life is currently severely restricted because of your SA

Your previous drug trials and failures

The amount of time it takes to start a new drug, wait for it to take effectiveness and then to taper off and wait for it to wash out again. This can be at least 4 months, most likely 6 months.

If your Doctor gives you an agreement that you can trial Nardil after trying one more drug, it may be reasonable to go with that. If however your doctor hums and ha's or refuses to give you a commitment, I suggest you find a new Doctor because that simply is not good enough. Doctors have an ethical and professional obligation to provide you with adequate treatment and if they are not providing that then you need to look elsewhere.

Scam it

Approach a Doctor that you have never seen before, tell them that you are from interstate or far out of the area. You need to tell them that you are visiting the area and forgot your medication and that you need a script. Say your on 3 tablets per day which is the starting dose. Most doctors won't ask too many questions and will give you a script for a limited supply. A good plan is to go to a late night medical centre so that they are unable to make a call to the fictitious Doctor who put you on the medication. Once you obtain the script and if you really understand all the indications and contraindications you may start taking them. I then advise you to find a new Doctor within 2 weeks and be up front about what you did. Tell them about your distress and desperation and that you are not in the habit of deceiving doctors. Tell them about how much better you are feeling (and you most likely will be) and ask if they can they manage your care or refer you to someone who can. Considering that you are already on the medication and are telling the Doctor that it is working well, they are likely to continue treating you with it. You need medical supervision. Do not go it alone.

I have got my Nardil, what now?

Ok, you have your Nardil, I am assuming that since you have gone to the effort of getting it that you have also gone to the effort of reading about the drug and food interactions, if not read it now!!
The literature states that it takes up to 4 weeks to take effect however I noticed improvement from the very first dose. For the first few weeks if your metabolism is anything like mine, you may notice a hypomanic effect. You will feel full of energy, talkative, lots of ideas and excitement. While this is somewhat pleasant after feeling like crap for so long, the best is yet to come. As time goes by the hypomania will ease and you will be left with a relaxed contented confident feeling. I had very severe long standing anxiety depression and social phobia. Within about 8 weeks of starting I had a 95% reduction in anxiety, a total absence of depression and can talk to people with ease. Sounds good huh? Read on, now I will bring you back to earth.
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