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What works for me


It's a mix of things that have helped me over the last 3 months.

*RX- I swore after taking about 6 different kind and only getting worse, I wouldn't try again. But finially I tried Paxil.

*Books- The ones that are helping the most are:The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety; The Feeling Good Handbook; The david burns panic attack book, cant think of it right this second.

*Therapy- finding a great therapist. i had to go through so many to find the right one, but it's SO worth it. Plus i don't pay anything (its through a grant). And i go once a week. CBt helps! And talking all my angers out is so great!

*Self talk

*Journaling- didn't want to do it at first, but now i can't stop!

*Exercise-plus it helps me burn alot of nervous energy

*Massage- usually i use a massage cushion and it feels so good!

*Visual rexlation/Meditation and Mindfulness

That's all for right now
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