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lol at me being the only one to vote so far.

I took Effexor XR before and was basically in bed 24/7. Hoooly fatigue, that was terrible. That, and the fact that I seemed to metabolize it quickly (I'd start getting brain zaps if I didn't take the dose every 18-20 hours), it might just have been the most difficult drug for me to tolerate in my entire signature... IME, if you hate fatigue, stay away from Effexor!! Although I know that, while a lot of people get fatigue from it, some people get the opposite.

SSRIs didn't seem to do much but Wellbutrin was a nice little boost of energy and motivation. Nothing extreme, pretty subtle, but one of the few antidepressants that I felt had any positive effects at all. But I don't anybody would ever claim that Wellbutrin made them feel tired...
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