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my sa only comes at certain times and certain situations, but lately i been really stressed out, kinda giving it power over me by worrying so much about getting an attack and worrying i might get super nervouse and shakey and not knowing when its gonna come,why and who will see. So today i was talking to my Psychology professor after class since its the last day, i was asking questions about working in the psych feild and he was telling me stories and we were talkin for like twenty mins in the class room and then we walked out together continued to talk longer in the downstairs lobby, as he continued to keep talkin to me for some reason i got a weird vibe it felt like he was kinda lookin at me(its my fault tho, i still shouldnt have gotten an attack regardless). So at this point like after 30mins as he kept talking and looking at me i felt like he can prob see through me, hes a psychologist, he sees me getting nervouse now, he is noticing my mood changing all of a sudden, hes prob wonderin whats going on why does she look nervouse all of a sudden, we were just having a great conversation. So all these thoughts were making me feel the need to flee, so when another student we both knew said hi but kept walking i kinda just took that quick pause to kinda just cut off the conversation in the middle of him getting all deep with me and while im doing this my mood is changed, all nervouse and edgy now and i know he can see it. so afterwards i was upset with myself, replaying it in my head, wondering what he was thinking. And i was so stressed out that i couldnt do anything, and then i realized WHO CARES!? seriously this is my life even if he didnt notice it so what?? whats gonna happen? NOTHING. im the one making it a bigger deal then it is, im thinking about this while he is going about his business def not loosing sleep over it ya know?! in that moment i just thought i have power over this and this doesnt have power over me. and that was it, i got over it and continued my day happily. ...We need to remember that we are in control and not let "it" control us, even if we do think we did something stupid, really who caresss !! laugh it off...nexttt
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