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Originally Posted by IllusionalFate View Post
This study is excellent evidence on how psychological disorders that don't stem from false/irrational beliefs can't be treated with psychotherapy. If there are no false thought patterns, then therapy just won't work.

It applies to forms of SA as well, since the primary factor that causes SA for many is difficulty maintaining conversation, lack of social reward, an unexplainable feeling of discomfort, etc.
Hmm.. I think changing thinking patterns, even wishful thinking can help with depression, or at least being able to bring someone out of major depressive episode. As someone who has suffered from depression and SA my whole life, it took a lot of positive thinking to get me out of some of my darkest moments. Too bad when the Pink Elephant fades away, and my problems are just too evident, I usually get slammed back to reality at full force and life becomes more unbearable than before. Then, no matter how much CBT or restructuring of my cognitive processes I do can save me. Even though, I might not have a real good idea of how CBT works since most of my therapist who claimed they did CBT were actually just talk therapist, although I have read a couple books by the pioneers Dr. Beck, and Albert Ellis.

I think sometimes when I brain storm ways to beat SA, and when I put in work and I fail miserably, no amount of cbt-therapy or myself, can talk myself out of believing that I have a condition that's probably part biology and partly how I was raised and the traumatic experiences accumulated. Although because I believe it has to do with biochemistry in some aspect, I still don't think the current psychiatric drugs are our answers, and probably never will be. All good drugs are usually so good (at the time of using), are highly addictive, and the good drugs that continue to come out will probably be slapped with a schedule I or schedule II. And all these due will bring us temporary breaks from reality, unjustified euphoria, false confidence, and blunted emotions. Take the medication away from the situation and is you brain chemistry any better off?

This study does not say anything like psychotherapy is better than medications, or likewise, it just says that when combined they are no more effective than the each one on there own. This is same with psychotherapy, add a medication and the results don't get better, I just saw a study that said just that.

I think a lot of therapy has a lot to do with finding someone you can build rapport with, and that understands you and actually cares about you and is just not going through the motions. Which to me if very hard to find, usually the best ones to me are the ones that don't have a in house psychiatrist, because when the goings get tough all they will start recommending you pills that they especially know nothing about, saying that you have a imbalance either because they are getting paid for or told by there manager to refer you to there psychiatrist or because there lazy and it easier for them to tell you to just take drugs. Also, for some reason I find it easier to talk to woman they seem to care more about emotions, except for a couple younger therapist I had, they both were awesome, but that is said for all younger therapist because i'm guessing they haven't had as much failures, like people offing themselves, and they are generally more enthusiastic and believe that they can help you, and this sort of help you're morale. I actually saw a study where they paid people money to go talk to older people and just be there friend, and this worked for depression just as much or more than professional psychologist or psychiatrist. Maybe we all should start posting ads on craigs list offering to pay people to be our friends.
All medications were donated by Forest Laboratories, GlaxoSmithKline, Organon Pharmaceuticals Inc, Pfizer Inc, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Kocsis reports receiving research support from AstraZeneca, Burroughs Wellcome Trust, CNS Response Inc, Forest Pharmaceuticals, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the National Institute of Mental Health, Pritzker Consortium, and Sanofi Aventis; participating on the speaker's bureau for AstraZeneca, Pfizer Inc, and Wyeth; and acting as a consultant to Wyeth
Woah, a paper that discloses who paid for the study and the Dr. involved is on the speaker bureau which generally means that he is getting kickbacks from big pharma. I am surprised no one has yet thrown money at medscape to make this bottom part go away.

Any one else except me think pharmaceutical companies who spend the second highest amount on television ads, $4.3 billion, only trumped by the auto industry, should be barred from funding studies, paying some what respectable doctors to be on there team and in return write in journals, magazine, and speak around the country on there behalf most of the time without disclosing it. With all that goes into ads, 4.3 bill to the US, the country that consumes over 80% of all drugs, you have to think there is a lot of greed going on.

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