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I'm new here

Hi everyone, I have just joined today.

I'm from the UK, 19 and I have struggled with social anxiety my whole life. But was only diagnosed in 2019 and this is when it got really bad. I don't know anyone in my life who struggles with social anxiety and a lot of my family doesn't understand and thinks I'm faking it or it doesn't exist.

I have isolated myself since I left school, I never leave my house on my own and have no friends as i struggled to talk to them. Im going to uni in September and I'm hopping being on this site can hep me.

I will be studying psychology which i have a big interest in and I want to help people who also struggled with their mental health, However i need to get control of my social anxiety first before i can help others.

Anyways i hope i haven't complained to much. I'm excited to be here.
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