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@andy1984 andy andy. This poll is madness, and let me tell you why...

It's impossible to answer unless you specify which time period the situation occurs in. At any other point in history, past or distant future (apocalypse), due to food shortages, a squadron of ants in ones cereal would be considered a welcome blessing due to the hardships of getting adequate foods.

It's only during the last 100 years, where our privilege is so high that a previous (or future) cry of "omfg, set the cerial trap, I heard on the radiophone there's an ant swarm coming" is now "gross, there's 19 ants in my cerial, I'm not ****ing eating this".

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I much prefer an ant infestation over an aunt infestation. The former just swarms and eats. The latter swarms, eats and insults.

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