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Sudden personality change. People can hear my thoughts

Hi many years ago, I used to be a funny and smart person. Nothing bad happened but when I started meditating I asked myself how come im like this, how come Im like like this to people? I found no answer and changed. I used to be straight As at school but that changed. This happened long ago when I was 14 and a half. Im over 20 now. I miss my old self. You don't know what you got until you lose it. All this years ive been repeating myself in my mind: how do I get like before? I wasnt like this. Also one day I started hearing my neighbors insult me. One night after that I thought to myself something. I said it inside my mind and a neighbor answered that. He answered to me like if I said it outloud. That happened a few years after my change but not too many. Since that moment ive been paranoid and thinking like if everyone can hear me. I do think I appeared i the news amd everything. Ive considered my problem about the thougths like a power or ability named subvocalization. I do not know if people can hear my subvocalization.Can someone tell me how to get my old self? Can someone help me with my thoughts and subvocalization problems? Thanks.
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