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Originally Posted by Persephone The Dread View Post
Yeah if you're suicidal or don't/like care about yourself than it's difficult to do anything like that. Might help to dissociate and pretend your body isn't you but a small eco system that's keeping micro-animals alive so you have to do it so they have a place to live for longer. Some crap like that.
I like that kind of introspection, to see the human body as some kind of thing there, that your soul is carrying, but that is somehow just flesh and bones, making our every day movements possible. There are often ways to "rationalize" our ways of thinking in order to adapt and survive.

As for exercising, I try and walk at quiet times (early morning) or in walking trails. Depends where you live, what is available to do around. Maybe start with set-ups or push-ups. Anyway, I also struggle with being consistent and motivation. ----- Or... if you live where there's snow, snow removal can be quite an exercise at times. anyway, good luck!
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