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Originally Posted by ScorchedEarth View Post
Ultimately, no one really cares, and why should they? I've gone from obese to a healthy weight before, and I don't think it affected my interactions in any meaningful way. I can prove that I'm capable of proving it again, though I don't see anyone asking for proof in the first place.
Apologies - by saying it seemed slightly contradictory, I don't mean to place emphasis on the "other [people]" part. My understanding is that you'd know it would improve your situation and so I was curious why you wanted to improve your situation. Hopefully, this query now makes sense, as I previously may have given the impression of placing emphasis on "other [people]", when in fact it was the last thing on my mind.

To be honest, this is maybe because as part of my job role, we're strongly encouraged not to prescribe or project problems onto the customers. It should be quite difficult for any of us to motivate you to overcome a challenge without first knowing why you want to overcome this challenge. What motivated you towards creating this thread?

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