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I'm not in fantastic shape by any means, but have been doing pretty good for the past few months. Motivation for working out is a low commodity for me, and I find it to be difficult to do things I really don't want to. So, despite replying to an older post - I'll leave this bit of advice for you and others that wish to be in better shape. Don't push yourselves, don't have high expectations, and do small things. Having high expectations for people like myself, is only damaging to the overall goal which is to be healthier - not a model I used to have higher expectations and after a few weeks without seeing any results I would just lose any sense of motivation at all.

Now, I know a lot of people out there are exceptional, and incredibly motivated - once they put their minds to something they will keep pushing to attain that goal. This advice is not for them, they are amazing in this department and can get a lot of things accomplished. This advice is for people like me, who just would rather play around on the computer for hours

Start small, something as easy as doing a walk. Set a small goal for about ten minutes, it doesn't have to be a marathon it is just to get started. Try to stick with it, and if any of you are like me you will find it easier once you start to push yourselves a little further - I find that building up motivation to start doing anything, is a lot harder when you put an enormous task before yourself. Don't do this to yourself, don't make some unreasonable goal that will not be easy to maintain for months or even years. Just put aside a small task such as walking, every day for ten minutes - perhaps half an hour if you don't feel bothered by it.

For me, it is just ten minutes. I will go out, take a walk and usually it is not nearly as bad and I find myself walking around for an hour to two hours just because it is an enjoyable activity. If I felt obligated to walk for an hour or two every day though, the motivation to do so would not be there at all, I would probably just avoid it all together. The other piece of advice I would give to my fellow unmotivated peeps, is never, ever, eva let yourselves feel guilty if you don't meet that goal every day. You need to try to stay positive about it, and make it something you look forward to.

Motivation doesn't come easy to all of us, so I can't inspire you or most people to go out and be the best you can be. The only motivation I find that may work for some of us, is to set easier goals.

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