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1. Traits you consider negative, but you can still like people who have them?

Being ignorant. Idrc how smart/educated another person is. Kindness is far more important to me.

2. Traits most people would consider negative, but you don't?

Wanting impossible things; people who refuse to "accept reality". Daydreaming/being a dreamer.
Attention seeking. It honestly doesn't bother me when people fish for attention or show off. Take a million selfies, idc.

4. Traits you hate in yourself but can like other people who have them?

Laziness. I'm pretty hard on myself, but I don't expect anyone else to be that way.

3. Traits you can tolerate in yourself but not in others?

Being judgmental. I'm very judgmental of people who are themselves very judgmental. I have no plans to stop judging those people.

5. The One Positive Trait (OPT) that if the person has it you forgive any other flaw they have?

Not sure there's any trait like that, but the trait that will make me like a person the most is probably kindness toward children. Especially if they're not their own children (because I expect people to be kind to their own kids). Kindness is the trait I value most.

6. Traits you hate, but most people do not seem to mind as much?

"Everyone X." People who talk like everyone is more or less the same (especially if what they really mean is: the same as them). "Everyone is selfish", "everyone gets anxious", "everyone wants X", "everyone anything whatsoever". The differences matter, and I hate how glibly many people erase them. Hard to avoid talking like that sometimes, but a lot of people seem to enjoy leveling everyone to some common denominator.

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