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1. Traits you consider negative, but you can still like people who have them?

Unintentionally offending others

2. Traits most people would consider negative, but you don't?

Social awkwarndess, over talkativeness.

4. Traits you hate in yourself but can like other people who have them?

Procrastination, Over sensitivity

3. Traits you can tolerate in yourself but not in others?

Pessimism, distrustfulness

5. The One Positive Trait (OPT) that if the person has it you forgive any other flaw they have?

Not a trait, but an action. If they do someone nice or sincere for me once, I tend to do the "all is forgiven!". It has numerous times made me an easy target for betrayal and manipulation in the past.

6. Now putting in my own bonus question.. Traits you hate, but most people do not seem to mind as much?

Arrogance, Short Tempered, Ambiguity, Not Detail/Clarity Oriented, Overly Critical, Self Centeredness. Although creating question 6 myself will mean I am self centered as well.

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