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1. Traits you consider negative, but you can still like people who have them?

Sometimes a quick temper. If they shout at me, and it'll surely depend on what, I usually won't shy away. But maybe I will.

2. Traits most people would consider negative, but you don't?


4. Traits you hate in yourself but can like other people who have them?

Shyness. What can I say, I can't blame anyone for feeling shy and can certainly empathize.

3. Traits you can tolerate in yourself but not in others?

Laziness or just lack of taking responsibility for things, which doesn't exactly equate with laziness if one takes responsibility for it. I hate my own laziness.

5. The One Positive Trait (OPT) that if the person has it you forgive any other flaw they have?


..yea, this was difficult to answer as our faults arent generally tolerated in other people if not in ourselves.
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