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My family has basically been self-quarantining since this all began in February. My dad is immunocompromised so it makes the most sense for none of us to go anywhere if at all possible -- even me, because if I get COVID it will definitely spread to my dad and he'll almost certainly die. Especially with all the morons around here who refuse to wear masks for a variety of stupid reasons.

I've always been a loner and a recluse but the pandemic has made that more socially-acceptable, or at least understandable. The main benefit to me is that I haven't had to meet in-person with anyone all year long. No lectures in packed classrooms at the university, which always made me nervous. No in-person groups for studying, homework or projects, which is fantastic because I'm generally okay talking with people over the phone or internet as we do now; I just hate in-person collaboration. We have no dumb family parties this year, which is such a relief because I always hated them but felt obligated to go. I haven't been inside a store since February, as we pick up all our groceries curbside and I never have to interact with the people delivering them. And I love my mask! Dumb as it may sound it feels like an extra layer of "security" or "anonymity" to me and I never leave the house without it, and never take it off until I get back home.

Much as I hate the pandemic and do fear for the lives of my parents on a daily basis, I wish most of the social changes induced by it could just stick around forever. I'd love to just stay home forever and never have to deal with another person in-person again; to be able to do everything online or at a 10-foot distance suits me perfectly.

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