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Not yet, since staying at home all the time is normal for me anyway. Biggest difference is I've lost my one outing of the week, going to a restaurant and then grocery shopping, and a once- or twice-yearly shopping visit to a nearby city as well. (Not to say we don't still grocery shop--there's no curbside pickup or delivery around here, no Grubhub or DoorDash or Uber or Lyft or whatever, even the local Walmart doesn't do curbside and the local supermarket that DOES offer curbside, doesn't take online orders. The only change is that I have to stay home while my parents shop, because I can't drive and you're not supposed to go to the store unless you absolutely have to, not that most other people are following that but that's yet another reason for me to stay home. Too many people not taking the pandemic seriously.)

Oh--and much-longer wait times on the phone, for necessary utility services (we had to wait a month for a new hot water heater), and even for online tech support.

I can't even cite the advantage of telemedicine because I guess they don't have that here, for every medical visit I've needed I've still had to go in person. Even to get my medical supplies prescription renewed, I have to go visit my urologist in person next month, an hour's drive away, with infection rates going through the roof. It's not even like he has to examine me or anything. This is just to renew my lifelong prescription for urostomy supplies since the medical supplier can't/won't do it on their own. Yeah, the pandemic has made medical services SO much safer and more convenient. /s

I had to order a new router from our cable provider over the phone at like one in the morning (lots of our electronic devices have started dying during the pandemic, how interesting) and it would've taken a week to ship it (within the same state) so my parents had to drive an hour out of town to pick it up, in March, during the stay-at-home order. Then when we couldn't set it up right, had to wait over an hour on the phone for help the next day. (Online tech support chat had such a long wait we gave up.)

Oh, and the benefits of online ordering...? They don't exist. Like I said, horrendous wait times. I tried reordering my medical supplies online to avoid the phone wait and only part of the order went through (badly formatted online order form, I guess?--I reported it to them but they never fixed it); I had to complain via e-mail to customer support twice (e-mail terrifies me--complaining to support via e-mail terrifies me even more) to get the rest of my supplies (rep told me they were shipping them out right that day...two weeks later we had to contact them again and THEN they said they were shipping them out right that day), and ended up waiting on the phone anyway. No point ordering most groceries or other necessities on Amazon because they don't carry most of the stuff we buy, what they do carry is usually unavailable (two food items I bought became "Currently unavailable, we don't know if or when this item will be back in stock" after I bought them, and months later are still unavailable), and what is available takes ages to ship due to the postal service slowdown. (I'm not a Prime member. You HAVE to shell out extra money for fast shipping, otherwise Amazon will deprioritize your order and you'll be waiting for weeks/months--speaking from experience. Even with fast shipping, you may have to wait at least a couple of weeks. Don't bother expecting anything within two days!--our government ordered the mail to slow down and had numerous mail-sorting machines dismantled, and that issue is still ongoing. An item I bought on Etsy literally sat in a Wisconsin post office for ten days before shipping out. Then it sat in Chicago (Illinois) for four days. I live right next to both--in Michigan.)

There's also panic buying in my area, back in March and now it's starting up again, so in-person shopping is getting complicated as well. People crowd and loiter. Entire families out together. Many don't wear masks. From what I hear, nobody really enforces anything.

Really the only benefit to be had from "quarantine" (we've never actually been quarantined or locked down, just staying at home) is my mother being home more rather than going to the casino, beading club, etc. every week. I'm sure she'd rather be going out, though. (She did go visit a few relatives, and ate out in a restaurant, a few times earlier in the year, which filled me with anger and anxiety, though things have gotten much worse since then and in-dining has been shut down again so I'm hoping she isn't tempted to try that again soon. Oh, once in a while her brother, my uncle, has surprise-dropped in to visit her and although they stayed outside, they stood much closer than six feet, and didn't wear masks. )

And then there's just my overwhelming fear of my parents catching the virus (they're elderly, have underlying conditions, high risk) and if they end up hospitalized (out of town since our local hospital has no inpatient services and the nearest inpatient hospital, an hour away, is filling up with COVID patients), I'm left on my own without help, a terrifying prospect since as I said I can't drive, I'm disabled and depend on them, there's nobody to grocery shop or deliver anything or cook or maintain the house or take me or the cat (who has asthma) to the doctor/dentist/vet etc. and I’m just screwed all around. (My parents are all I have in the world, so don't get me started on the mere prospect of losing them, period.)

So...there are very few benefits to be found during this pandemic, I sure haven't seen or experienced any of the good things they keep showing on TV. Even without taking into account the atrociously slow shipping and lack of basic delivery options in rural areas, I suspect this whole "Alone together, Zooming online with our big groups of friends/relatives, conveniently seeing docs and buying everything online and getting it delivered while we all stay safe at home!" thing is more a TV commercial fantasy than what's actually going on; like I said, aside from wearing masks where required (and sometimes not even then), most people around here seem to be going about life as usual. Thus the outlandish infection rates.

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