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I haven't been quarantined, but:
  • Strangers who might've tried to start conversations with me last year are keeping their distance.
  • My habit of crossing the street to avoid people has been normalized and no longer appears rude.
  • Personal space is suddenly respected by almost everyone in stores. It makes the whole grocery shopping experience a lot nicer.
  • Less worry about how I look when I get to have a mask over my face.
  • The neighbors aren't having as many loud conversations/parties.
  • My apartment manager isn't making me go to her office so much.
  • I get a year off from expending energy on meeting people or trying and failing to make friends.
  • I've gained some appreciation for and perspective on the social things I'd been managing in 2019.
  • A pandemic is a great way to test who's trustworthy in your life. (The answer may be unpleasant, but at least you know not to trust them later.)
  • Anxiety and isolation have been normalized... so in the future, people will be able to understand me better because I can just tell them my life is like their 2020.
  • Living alone with no nearby friends is suddenly an admirable position to be in, since it makes my risk of infection so much lower and I don't need to take as many precautions or have as much anxiety when there's nobody for me to infect.
  • I get to be considered an admirable morally superior person just for doing what comes natural.
  • At least I'm not missing out on anything fun now.

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