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We've had pets pretty much my whole life. When I was really young my parents kept an aquarium with fish. I think my parents also had a cat when I was a toddler though I don't remember it. Then we got a terrier who was with us throughout my early childhood. I also had a rabbit at one point, though it died when it escaped from its cage. After our first terrier died of old age we got a second one, and soon after that my parents let me get the cat I always wanted. After a few years the cat had kittens, of which I got to keep one. Unfortunately our second terrier died of old age while we were overseas and some of my parents' friends were looking after our pets; soon after that we adopted out the cats because my dad's work got extended and we didn't want to leave them basically alone in our house any longer. Soon after that we bought a chihuahua, who we of course brought back with us when we moved back here. He died of old age a few years ago, so we got our current chihuahua.

It's always been sad to me that pets' lifespans are so much shorter than ours. It was really tough on us to lose our last chihuahua; I think I bonded more with him than any of our other pets over the years. But I'm really glad that we have our current dog; he's helped all of us a lot this year, I think.

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