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Originally Posted by QuestForFire View Post
My country has just gone into its second lockdown. When I listen to the press conference it is all doom and gloom and I understand that somewhat. Lots of talk is going on (ever since the beginning in March) how difficult it is for people because there is a lack of physical contact between people, how people feel lonely, that there are no activities. The government stresses that we should text and call friends and family as much as possible.

I don't get it. I haven't felt a feeling of loneliness once during the entire period. I haven't craved seeing people, hanging out with people. All of this makes me feel very weird and different and I already felt quite alienated (from reality?) to begin with.
I do understand that for most people getting together is a necessary to be happy but there are so many possibilities to keep in contact, so what if a couple of months of few contact are needed?

Then there are the endless "war" comparisons. How do people dare making a connection with war? No food, houses bombed, clinics bombed, hundreds of deaths every week etc Even I would dread war but not this isolation situation.

Do I lack empathy or something? Why does this annoy me so much? With all respect for the sick and worse but I have felt very relieved personally during the past months because there is no pressure to be social anymore.

For some people, keeping contact online is a good alternative. For others, staying in touch online doesn't replicate the joy of in-person interaction. And of course, remember that not everyone has the option - either those who can't afford to be connected online, or those staying in care homes that don't know how.

The war comparison is more emotive, rather than an actual comparison. The idea of a national effort coming together to overcome a common enemy invokes that sense of purpose for something greater, and WWII clearly brings up many emotions for many. You might not dread this situation, but millions of others are afraid of this virus that has already claimed a million lives worldwide.

There are silver linings to this situation, of course. Renewed focus on our healthcare and social care services during this situation. The lifestyle halt has caused a lot of people to reflect on their own lives, and add things (e.g. hobbies) that help them to grow and find more joy in life. Sometimes we take those around us for granted, but not being able to see them for months reminds us of how important social interaction is for our mental wellbeing. The list goes on. But these are silver linings, at the end of the day.

Hope this helps to understand better!

Much love <3

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