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Originally Posted by QuestForFire View Post
Do I lack empathy or something? Why does this annoy me so much? With all respect for the sick and worse but I have felt very relieved personally during the past months because there is no pressure to be social anymore.
Are you a very active person? When you're in your "baseline" mood, do you feel happy or think you're spending your time in a meaningful way?

I wouldn't say you lack empathy, but if the answer to that second question is no, can you not at least imagine how someone would feel if they went from filling their time with things that make them happy and fulfilled to a routine of tedium and listlessness?
I've been on both ends of the spectrum and I also used to think it strange when someone said they felt stressed if they weren't allowed to do certain activities. What I didn't know at the time is that I simply had no concept of happiness and meaningful use of time, so my boring reality was a nightmare to anyone who'd never had to experience it.
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