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Originally Posted by QuestForFire View Post
Yeah that's terrible, when I notice there is someone else listening to what I have to say in a one on one convo I choke. I'm really good with one other person but 2 is a crowd.It feels as if those eyes burn right through my skin and they can feel every emotion I feel.
Whenever I perceive a person as superior to me I choke, which is very often btw.

I've heard a lot of people say this but I'm the opposite - I'm better in a crowd if its free flowing, like when I'm not the single focus of everyone's attention. Because it's almost like I'm not talking to any one person, but to the whole group. And the group isn't a person. It's like I'm just saying things, not to anyone in particular. The worst is one on one, because then there is a lot of pressure to carry the conversation and its a more intimate discussion. I hate one on one. Almost as bad is a group where you are addressing them all and everyone is quietly listening to you. It's basically like one on one but with a group of people.

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