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Originally Posted by either/or View Post
It depends - usually I am OK but I do get anxious if all the attention is on me and I have to explain something to all of them or something like that. If I'm the center of attention. I've never been good at that. Sometimes my voice will get a little shaky. I do tremble and sometimes choke (because I seem to run out if air) when on conference calls for work but not usually in other situations. I'm usually OK around strangers / coworkers if its a group but get kind of awkward if its one on one.
Yeah that's terrible, when I notice there is someone else listening to what I have to say in a one on one convo I choke. I'm really good with one other person but 2 is a crowd.It feels as if those eyes burn right through my skin and they can feel every emotion I feel.
Whenever I perceive a person as superior to me I choke, which is very often btw.
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