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Originally Posted by blue2 View Post
Are people commenting on the size of your head ? What about if you got fitter & made your body smaller so your head wouldn't look so small.
I have this one friend constantly bringing it up and in an obviously bad way, like: nice haircut, too bad your head is so small. And it pisses me off. The rest of my friends maybe mentioned it once or twice and thats it, and no one else told it to my face. I am quite lean so I look like I'm small overall, though Im sort of tall and it does look funny at moments.

I realize this is really superficial but I feel like I could be so fkn happy with a bigger head and because of that impossibility I really feel down most of the time.

I guess it comes down to the fact that its such a rare and obvious thing that cant be changed. Like, if I was balding or overweight or something I wouldnt mind as much because its a common problem and theres loads of way to tackle it. This just makes me feel like I shouldnt have been born or something.
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