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I think for me, its just time and growing older that has allowed me to reach the point where i am. I realized that life is really too short too keep worrying or being brought down by my imperfections and flaws.

If I could have used all that time in my life where I would spend hours/days nitpicking and analyzing my appearance and used it in other areas more productive I would have but my mindset back then probably would not even bother to hear this.

I still have moments where I revert back but only for maybe a fleeting few minutes compared to months and months even years.
Like when I see myself on camera, I'll start to focus on how big my head looks.

My head size has been a source of insecurity in my teenage years and was heavily and severely bullied for it and those moments remain ingrained in my memories till this day. I developed severe body dysmorphia and a whole bunch of other disorders as well as depression due to it.

These days, I just marvel at its size hahaha. I mostly laugh about it now. I think it helped that my body filled out a bit and working out also helped me look more proportionate but Ill still get comments once in a blue moon but the insecurity or thoughts about my head arent as severe as they use to be.

I mostly have other grievances about my appearance now and my head size is probably at the bottom of my list but even then, thse. grievances dont bring me down as much and I have focused less on my appearance and focused more on being productive.

It was just a matter of learning self acceptance and learning to focus on and control things that I can actually control and improve things about myself that I can work on.

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