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Originally Posted by lily View Post
Where is the "rate the last film you watched" thread? it shouldn't have been merged to the "What was the last movie you watched? II" thread if it was since rating a film is not the same as just saying what you watched, thank you. And if no one can find it, can i re-create it? thanks
1. I do not specifically recall merging those threads but I'll look into it (I might have and just don't remember it. I did merge several very similar threads in the Entertainment section a couple of months ago). If the thread actually existed, then it did not simply disappear. It (or it's contents) is here somewhere

2. If they were merged, they were merged because the threads were similar enough to where it made perfect sense to merge them and having two such very similar threads probably caused confusion and/or lack of interest in one or the other (or both threads).

3. Additionally, if they were merged, they probably cannot easily be un-merged and will not be.

4. No. You may not create another one. Just hold off and we will get back to you.
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