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For me it was about learning to detach myself emotionally from what I was seeing. I used to look at myself in the mirror, or in a photo, and it would trigger all the horrendous memories of bullying and abuse that I experienced simply because of the way I looked. It would remind me that my appearance had barred me from any kind of relationship, or physical intimacy and I would feel a visceral sense of anger. I would look at my body and would hate it for what it had done to my life. Judging by your comments it seems like you are going through something similar, a sense of association between your body and the pain you have been through. Worst of all for me was that I had read so much about how the key to getting better is to start seeing yourself as beautiful and I felt guilty that I couldn't. Of course the reason I couldn't was because it's nonsense. I am not beautiful.

I only started to get better when I began to look at myself more objectively. I am ugly I would say to myself but what is it that makes me ugly? What is distinctive about my appearance? I began to analyse my own appearance in great detail and the emotional despair I felt when looking in the mirror was replaced with intellectual curiosity. I became fascinated and curious about my ugliness. I felt like I was analysing a weird painting, or poem. I turned it into an academic experience instead of an emotional experience. And I started to accept who I was. I was ugly but it was interesting because I was also different. People gave me abuse for me being ugly but that didn't make me a monster. I deserved a life. I didn't deserve to have to hide myself from other people. Because why should I hide just because I don't fit any conventional measure of beauty? Admittedly this approach may have only worked for me because I am such a weirdo.

I know for you it's way more complicated then just feeling ugly and I realise you may have received more abuse than I ever have. And I am sorry. Sadly anyone who is trans is liable to get that. But I do get pretty regular abuse from strangers on the street so I at least have some kind of sense of what you have been through. I hope that one day you reach a point where you no longer feel like you need to hide anymore. Take care.

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