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I would go with gradual exposure without delving into the psychology of it at all. Purely behavioural solution. Keep large brain out of it, it will only get in the way .

Mirror (do all this while noting anxiety scores on a piece of paper):

1. Look in a mirror with a piece of paper stuck on it covering your face. Look at it for an hour
2. Cut the top part of the paper off so you can see your hair. Look at it for an hour
3. Cut more paper off...

progress to looking at photos of you in.


1. Take a selfie on phone. Dont look at picture. Repeat every minute. Do for hour.
2. Take selfie on phone. Look at picture. Repeat every minute. Do for hour.
3. Pick the best selfie.
4. Send selfie to best friend

Important to log anxiety scores throughout and be mindful. Your brain will throw out all manor of convincing arguments as to why you shouldn't be doing this. You will believe it, probably, but commit to doing it anyway and just get through the tasks, and try to score anxiety as honestly as possible.

I have learned (doing zoom meetings), my mind reverts to a super critical version of me, to try to get me to quit (i.e. "this is useless, it wont help, this isn't going to help my problems because"). I can be convincing, I would expect you can be equally as convincing, but for this you would need to suspend all of that and just view as mechanical exposure task.

Might help if you view as experiment.

I think for you Tru, this is something you would gain sooooooo much from though if you could do it, and I would looooooove to one day see you making vlogs and videos, and join me in a zoom conference or co-run a zoom support group with me or something!!

I went through this today (after a weeks illness), my angry inner child had a bit of a temper tantrum during a zoom meet, I've been slacking on the mindfulness so I let it carry me a bit. But am planning to get involved with the recovery college doing some actually useful topics for them lol . It's constant though, the excuses and justifications my mind fires at me throughout this stuff.

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