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I don't really like sharing my image with other people because then they have opinions or form opinions. I don't have much of a problem looking at myself in mirrors though, although I don't look very closely most of the time. I have a mirror behind my PC monitors so end up seeing myself often in that.

It's possible to make YouTube videos without showing yourself, though obviously most people don't.

It's really difficult to make YouTube videos. On my new channel I don't show my face, but still record myself speaking and I hate listening to my voice. It's also really feminine/high pitched. I used to show myself years ago. It's less important if you do gaming related stuff, if I wanted to branch out at any point I'd probably have to show myself really but I'd really rather not. I literally put no effort into bothering with my appearance and want to be disembodied. There really isn't much I can do about my appearance and that makes creating a brand that I don't hate difficult.. I don't have anything to say at the moment though. I keep wondering why I can't find YouTubers I relate to much and it's probably for the same reason I don't make videos really.

That's also why I'm not really attaching anything meaningful to what I'm doing on YT atm. I doubt I'll ever get anywhere partly for this reason. It's kind of just limited/impersonal and essentially it's just acting. I don't have much of a self to express anyway though.

But yeah so I basically don't have any advice. I guess it's just like something you have to force yourself to do when there's stuff you want to do. I also have anxiety issues recording YouTube videos it was a lot worse the first time I did it like in 2009 that took so many takes for a couple of minutes of video. But then every time I leave the site and come back I have to relearn certain things and I'm still not comfortable on my new new channel and have to stop and start a few times. It takes a while before I warm up because it's like talking to yourself but at the same time it's not because I've had entire long conversations with myself where I had less anxiety. It is a lot easier if you script it though but I tend not to.

I don't know because I never do but if you were video chatting with someone there might be a way you could just look at them and not yourself? Looks like you can do it in zoom:

if the problem is mostly you seeing yourself that could help.

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