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Thanks for the reply.

I've actually quit my job, I already said I'm not worried. I already knew that.

With the income he is getting, he is also getting extra. Also he has two major bank account savings. As we also worked out the ingoing's, outgoings. And I'm topping up too.

At the moment, he is saving the money coming in and not even touching his two major savings accounts. I am paying for the bills, food, everything now. My sister also chips in here and there. I use the car so I only pay the petrol. And I'm looking after him and will in the future.

Also he has said that its not going to last, which is quite negative to say tbh.

However he is not willing to listen and is losing the plot. I don't even have issues with earning money and his negativity is not right. I find it hard to sleep for weeks now.
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