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Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post
That's really nice. I always did kind of wonder why nice arcade pads weren't more popular. I think I had a friend who had something like that (only not nearly as nice as that one). I guess it's kinda unweildy in a typical home but still very appealing. I spent many hours (and quarters) in arcades back in the day. I was never any good at any games but it was still tons of fun.
They are a niche item for a lot of people who like fighting games and those among them who participate in professional tournaments. Some people don't play without it.

They work for other games too as they did in the arcades but not so well for analog games because they're only 8 ways like a D-pad. That's why they're so good for fighting games. It's easier to pull special moves than with an analog stick.

Other just build arcade sticks in their arcade cabinet for that good old school feel.

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