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Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post

I think you've steered me in the right direction. I probably will not get the official PS4 controller because it just costs too much and I don't want/need wireless (My PC is decent but it doesn't have bluetooth and I am still using Windows 7 and even the cheapo bluetooth dongle I bought for it doesn't work well). But it looks like they have some wired PS4 clones, which will be absolutely fine for me if everything works. I do like the Sony style and always did think their Playstation controllers were comfortable (going all the way back to the original).
Yeah a wired controller will work well. Those ps4 like gamepads arent too bad i imagine. You can buy a cheap ps4 knockoff and a cable and you will be good to go. That's how i use my controllers on pc, with cables because i'm on win 7 too and no bluetooth.

You can also get a wired xbox 360 pad for very cheap usually. I paid mine 25$ at walmart. Again, the dpad is crap but the controllers are very comfy to hold and play with the analogs.

And if you have the patience, keep checking craigslist or something similar, you can literally get working playstation 4 or Xbox one controller for 20-30$ Ive seen some very cheap ones. That would be a good upgrade to look out for.

anyway, good luck I hope it all works for you.

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