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Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post

Unfortunately, all of those are out of my price range. I don't want to go super cheap but really can't justify spending more than about $30. I do think Sony style controllers are the most ergonomic looking. I was honestly thinking about just getting a SNES clone but then anything more advanced than SNES would be painful with that controller. I'm not entirely sure I will be going more advanced than SNES in the near future, however, so...

TBH, I'm just at the point where anything is better than a keyboard when it comes to games that were just designed for being played on a console with a controller. I just want to get my feet wet and have some fun. I pretty much did nothing console more advanced than SNES and some Genesis and a little tiny bit of Xbox (original) so there's A LOT of territory before I get anywhere near the latest games for the newest consoles. And I still have a lot of figuring out to do with emulators. I barely know what I'm doing. I just don't want to buy the worst controller in the world. Meaning that even if it is a pretty basic controller, I just need it to be functional in all the ways that (for example) a SNES controller was supposed to be (meaning that all the buttons do what they're supposed to and I don't have weird issues like diagonal not working because they cut corners).
Oh, i see. Well in that case you could always try a knock off ps4 controller.
They are around 30$ and not the best gamepads but they work.

This here is not a bad controller at all. The D-pad kind of sucks but overall it works well and its plug and play, no worries.

And yes a snes like pad would work well for emulators, but if you play a game that needs analog, you're screwed.

Honestly id shell out a bit more and go with the 8bitdo snes pro. The second one i linked. You'd be set for a long time and it would play any games on any emulator pretty well, from Atari to Xbox because they have all the buttons for it. You'd be better of paying 10$ more than buy any other cheaper controllers i recommended.

But if you're gonna go cheaper, then get the Logitech, its a safe bet, low price and it does the job. The knockoff ps4 pad i can't speak for it since i never tried. I imagine they plug and work as well as the Logitech.

one last thing, check craigs list or that facebook market thing. I saw cheap controller there, like ps3, ps4, xbox one for less than 30$. A ps3 controller would work well too, but they are harder to setup. You need something like SCP tool for that but its not complicated.

Originally Posted by Glue View Post
I use my PS4 controller because it just works with everything.
Definitely the way to go. Works flawlessly and better than xbox one controllers. Imo Playstation pads have been the best since Super Nintendo controllers.

But again, 8bitdo are way up there now.

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