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My best recommendation is an actual PlayStation 4 controller. Nothing works better and it works right out of the box on win 10 for emulators. For some PC games you might need a program called input mapper but its easy to download and install, and you just start it up and it sets up controller to play. Like for me, i need that to play Dark souls or the controller is all wonky in game. But i'm on windows 7 so yeah.

^one downside of ps4 controllers is, the wire to charge won't come with a new controller. Yes, Sony are that cheap. So you have to buy it aside, which is around 10$ i guess.

Second and third recommendation are these:



They work amazingly well and work with wire and even better, wireless. A couple of button press and you're good to go Bluetooth wireless.

Those 8bitdo controllers are the best around. Trust me, i wouldn't recommend them otherwise and i own both that i use to play games on my phone with a clip. Ive done hours of research and testing on many game-pads lol. They are affordable and work just great. Even better than some 100$ razer controllers lol. 8bitdo nailed it with their controllers.

The best is the first one i linked. It's comfortable in your hands and analogs are better, and you can upgrade the firmware to be able to set your own buttons the way you like in games. And it comes with a battery pack that you can replace.

The second one is good, but battery is way harder to replace. Other than that it's just like a super Nintendo pad. Just excellent for any fighting games, platform games and whatever you'd play.

Id recommend an Xbox one controller also but i hate the d pad. Works like crap for fighting games.

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