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Oops - I voted "no" reflexively (self denial)? Anyway, the answer should be yes

In 4th grade a classmate threatened to kick me with their boot for like a week. I only told the teacher after they went through with it. My mother was disappointed that I didn't grab the girl's hair and beat her up but I was too much of a pacifist back then. Even today I feel more badly for them that something troubled them enough to have that kind of behavior. What were their parents like? Was there domestic violence in the home? I think of things like that rather than get angry.

In middle school I was the only one who turned in the homework one day and someone took it from the bin! I handed things in to the teacher after that! The assignment took all weekend too... Still I am better off. I still have that same hardworking determination that has allowed me to be financially stable and independent today! If they kept up their laziness it surely didn't get them far...

And there was this one time in middle school when we were all sitting in our assigned seats. One of the more dramatic students wanted my spot so they could be closer to their friend. I told them I was uncomfortable with disobeying the teacher's seating chart and they got mad. They passed notes in a notebook to the person next to me several times to communicate secretly as the teacher spoke. At some point they handed the notebook off to the person without looking and the corner of the book hit me in the white of the eye!!! They acted like it was an accident and back then I was too na´ve to think it could have been on purpose. I didn't think it was a big deal until I looked in the mirror at home, pulled my lower eyelid and saw a small red mark!!! It healed quickly but thinking of it today makes me realize how evil some people are. For some the evil stays hidden below the surface and kept in check until something sets them off and it rears its ugly head. We are all sinners in need of forgiveness but some people make it more obvious.

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